About Us+
Degys Associates is based in the heart of Jacksonville and is committed to revitalizing Jacksonville and giving back to the community.
Our goal is to help make life easier for both businesses and consumers.

We specialize in solving your problems in creative and unconventional ways. We use the powers of mathematics and technology to produce elegant solutions to your unique set of complex circumstances. When everyone else tells you it can’t be done, or that it can’t be done affordably-please contact us.

We will provide a custom built solution to your problem. Whether you need to make complex decisions regarding pensions, health care, or finances or whether you need to get more out of your technology we can help.

We search for long term solutions, not short term fixes. By turning your data into useful information, we can produce effective solutions.

Decisions have consequences, often times costly to you. We can prevent surprises and help you prepare for the future. When you can’t afford to make a wrong decision, call us.

Our specialties:

+ 3D Modeling
+ Actuarial Consulting
+ Branding
+ Decision Support Systems
+ Financial Consulting
+ Graphic Design
+ Healthcare Consulting
+ Retirement Planning
+ Search Engine Optimization
+ Web Design

Frank Vedegys+
Frank Vedegys has been an actuarial (mathematical) consultant for 25 years working with national and international consulting firms. During his career he has consulted with Fortune 500 companies and small doctor practices helping to manage the costs of pension plans and health care plans – two of the biggest expenses for many employers.

Frank has helped to write exam questions for mathematicians to become credentialed actuaries.

He has taught Calculus at the University of Phoenix and owned his owned small business consulting practice.

Frank obtained his Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics from Florida State University in 1986.

Frank became a certified FSA (Fellow Society of Actuaries) in 1996.
TJ Vedegys+
TJ Vedegys is a skilled graphics and web designer. He has been designing graphics and building websites since he was nine years old. 15 years later, He still is designing and maintaining websites of the utmost quality.

He has been responsible for design, site structure (information architecture), and daily maintenance of global websites and many of its localized sites.

He specializes in design with standards compliant code with emphasis on browser compatibility, accessibility, and search engine optimization.

TJ has experience with the latest coding and building technologies such as HTML 5, CSS3, Adobe Flash, and Jquery.

He has experience with 3D Modeling, Video Editing, Audio Production and many other multimedia forms.

Our Tools+
+ 3D Modeling
We're one of the few 3D Modeling providers in Northeast Florida. Whether you need an artist rendering or need a 3D Model generated for 3D printing we, can do it.

+ Big Business Mathematical Consulting
The poor economy, expanding markets, new technologies, increased regulations, and market instability have made the mathematics of business more complex. The need to consider alternatives on an “apples to apples” basis is critical. Accountants and investment managers, brokers, and the like are not trained for this complexity. Frank has worked with accountants, auditors, brokers, and consultants throughout his career. Yours are no different.

+ Branding and Graphic Design
Just starting? Need a logo, brochure, or a business card design? Perhaps you all ready have that but need a flyer for an upcoming event...or maybe an illustration for a next proposal? We can do any type of graphic design imaginable.

+ Content Management Systems
What happens when you need a website but have no developing experience? Well in the old days you would have to learn basic HTML just to update your site. Now with the advent of CMS updating your page is as simple as sending an email. 6 can develop in either Joomla or Wordpress.

+ Forecasting and Decision Models
When your forecasts must be based on realistic assumptions and based on sound mathematical logic it's best to check with a mathematician. Many implicit assumptions are included in the forecasts that must be made explicitly and subject to scrutiny.

+ Healthcare Consulting
Are you prepared to do the mathematics on Obamacare? Businesses are already preparing to make some critical decisions that could determine the survivability of their business or industry. While the brokers may be able to answer questions about some of the provisions of Obamacare, they cannot deal with the complex mathematics needed to find the optimal solution. Degys works with their information to help you make the hard decisions.
+ Mathematical Consulting
Who wouldn't like to have their own mathematician when the formulas of life get too complicated? An objective person with the ability to understand the most complex problems you face and will substitute facts for appearances and demonstrations for impressions.

+Mobile Site Development
Mobile sites are becoming a must for certain businesses to survive. They enable potential customers to find you on the go. Degys can develop a site that's either exclusive to mobile devices or a standardized site that is mobile friendly.

If you need a mathematical model which projects your current financial situations into the future and considers thousands of possible scenarios, Degys can help. If the cost of life increases by 10% per year and your assets only grew at 5% how much will you have left after 10 years? If you can imagine the scenarios Degys can model them. You will be amazed at the clarity of the models – they will be custom built with your own assumptions and possibilities.

+Objective Review of Spreadsheets and Databases
Did your spreadsheet expert leave behind spreadsheets that others can’t update or change? Does your spreadsheet expert even need some help. It's more often due to their mathematical limitations than their programming limitations. Just having spreadsheets objectively reviewed can be an eye-opening experience.

+Pension Consulting
If you have a defined benefit pension plan that you are waiting to terminate I can help. If you need more retirement savings than a 401(k) can provide Degys can help. If your employees need help choosing a lump sum or an annuity we can help. If your actuary is expensive we may be able to help.

Do you have a presentation that needs to impress a potential new client? Or maybe need a PowerPoint project made for work? Whether it's stationary, a slideshow, or a video we can make you look good.
+ Problem Solving and Decision Making
Do you have to make decisions where dollars are at stake? Should you take a lump sum or buy an annuity? Which Medicare plan should you choose? How much will you need to live for the rest of your life? These are situations we can help you solve.

+Research/Problem Solving
If you do not have the time or ability to solve a mathematical or statistical problem, but your future success depends on the solution Degys can help. If your paper needs a review for mathematical and statistical inaccuracies or if an attorney needs a liability calculated according to actuarial principles we can help.

+Spreadsheet Analysis
Much time is wasted as a result of poorly designed spreadsheets. They either require redundant data entry, are difficult to understand, or have many undetected errors ready to embarrass the user at the worst time. The power of the spreadsheet has not been used effectively. A good spreadsheet is efficient, organized, mathematically sound, and useful. It may be required of your auditor that your systems have been properly tested. Many spreadsheets are considered tracking systems.

Degys creates all models on spreadsheets as they are quite transparent and easy to understand when built properly. The range of ability a spreadsheet provides is comparable to a game of chess - ranging from novice to master. Where one is located on the scale is often difficult to determine. Also any spreadsheets used to make financial decisions should be audited from an objective expert. It is certainly prudent and may save a lot of time, trouble, and embarrassment if errors are detected before it matters.

+Standard Website
Do you need a just a regular site? A standard website is perfect for someone who doesn't need to frequently update their site and just want to get their name out there.

If you don’t remember the math you learned when you went to school, but realize you still need it in life Degys can make your life easier and more enjoyable by making it understandable. Get your own personal questions answered to your satisfaction. If you want to learn it we can help. If you don’t want to learn it and just need your problem solved we can help do that, too.
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